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Studium und Lehre Hydro- und Umweltgeologie

Winter term:

  • Environmental Geology(BSc)
  • Representative sampling methods in environmental geology (BSc)
  • Hydrgeological methods (BSc)
  • Hydrogeological field course (BSc)
  • Project seminar water, soil, plants (BSc)
  • Hazardous substances in the environment (MSc, in English)
  • Seminar in hydrogeology ad environmental geology (Dipl.)
  • Project seminar hydrogeology and environmental geology (MSc)
  • Advanced geostatistical, statistical and numerical methods (MSc)
  • Hydrogeology II
  • Seminar in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology
  • Programming of extensions for GIS tools
  • Weekend GIS-training course: GIS for geological mapping
  • Organic-hydrochemical laboratory course

Summer term:

  • Hydrogeology(BSc)
  • Hydrochemistry(Bsc)
  • Applied quaternary geology (BSc)
  • Project work in hydrogeology and environmental geology (BSc)
  • Field course (BSc)
  • Environmental impact assessment and groundwater protection (MSc)
  • Exercises environmental impact assessment (MSc)
  • Groundwater flow modelingt (MSc)
  • Transport modeling (MSc)
  • Isotope hydrology (MSc)
  • Organic hydrochemistry (MSc)
  • Groundwater ressources in arid areas (MSc)