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Study Courses - Applied Geology

Winter term:

  • Basics of Applied Geology I (BSc)
  • Basics of Applied Geology II (BSc)
  • Geostatistic and GIS (BSc)
  • Laboratory methods of Applied Geology (BSc)
  • Special mathematics for geoscientists (MSc)
  • Environmental contaminants (MSc)
  • Isotope hydrology and organic hydrogeochemistry (MSc)
  • Groundwater ressources in arid areas (MSc)
  • Project management applied geology (MSc)
  • Geoprocesses in geotechnics (MSc)

Summer term:

  • Special methods of Applied Geology (BSc)
  • Applied Geophysics (BSc)
  • Field course FSQ (BSc)
  • Seminar Water, Soil, Plants (BSc)
  • Field methods of Applied Geology (BSc)
  • Calculation methods of Applied Geology (BSc)
  • Numerical groundwater modelling (MSc)
  • Groundwater protection (MSc)
  • Geotechnical modelling (MSc)
  • Lab and field methods in geotechnics (MSc)
  • Excursion and field course MnR (MSc)