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Research projects of the Department of Applied Geology

Research projects of the department of Applied Geology are perferably presented in the research database of the federal state Saxony-Anhalt.

Final presentation of the project “Strategies to avoid flooding induced damages at monuments and evaluation of vertical sealings”

On 8th of march 2018 the results of the project „Strategien zur Vermeidung von Schäden an Objekten des kulturellen Erbes im Zusammenhang mit hochwasserabhängigen Grundwasseranstiegen sowie der Versuch einer Evaluierung verschiedener Formen von Vertikalsperren aus dem Bereich der Denkmalpflege für den Zeitraum der vergangenen 15 Jahre“ were presented to the public. In addition to the German Federal Environmental Foundation (funding of the project) representatives of the Protestant Church of Central Germany and the press, members of institutions, which were affected by rising groundwater levels in the flood event 2013, attended to the presentation. The statements of Prof. Dr. Gossel were critically discussed in regards to the practicability of the project, while some representatives already reported positive experiences of the recommendations. Detailed consultations for the stakeholders comes along with recommendations in terms of emergency plans and equipment.

The project was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation 2015-2018. Besides hydrogeological results to prevent the buildings from flooding induced rising groundwater levels, the engineering and geotechnical questions of liquefaction of clay layers in the underground was investigated. The link between hydrogeology and engineering geology/geotechnics becomes evident for these influences of climate change on century aged monuments of national heritage.

A mine and the geology of the Sangerhaeuser Mulde modelled in collaboration with the geological survey of Saxony-Anhalt

In two models the copper-shist mine Wettelrode and the surrounding geology were mapped in 3d. In two MSc theses the students were supported by the publicly open mine Wettelrode and the geological survey of Saxony-Anhalt. The news for these models is the integration of technical infrastructure of the mine into the geological 3d model. For the finishing of the projects a publicly interesting presentation of the results will be elaborated.

Groundwater vulnerability map of the Haouz-basin in Morocco finished

The groundwater vulnerability map of the Haouz-basin in Morocco was finished with support of the local water organizations and the university of Marrakech.

Geological model of Magdeburg finished

The threedimensional geological model of Magdeburg was finished with scientific and financial support of the geological survey of Saxony-Anhalt. More details are available on the homepage

3d visualization of collection objects

The image shows a 3D-model of Limulus henkelii taken from the geological and palaeontological collections of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. The model was created with the DAVID-Laserscanner-Software (   ) and a self-written controlling software, which allows fully automated 3D-scans. To ensure an easy data exchange, the created models are embedded into an Adobe 3D PDF. The scanning possibility was greated in the frame of a thesis.

3D Laserscan Limulus

3D Laserscan Limulus

3D Laserscan Limulus

3d .pdf of Limulus

An interactive 3d .pdf of Limulus you will find by following the link.

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Database recording of collection objects with Specify

Contemporary management and archiving of university collections require modern databases and corresponding database management systems. However their usage within a geological and palaeontological context necessitates some modifications. The Institute for Geosciences and Geography of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg uses a modified and adapted version of the Specify 6 biodiversity database (   ), which has been created in the frame of a thesis.

Mapping of the shallow geothermal potentiality in the city of Halle (Saale) based on the digital 3d model Halle

For the city of Halle (Saale) with an area of 135 km² depth dependent maps (29, 40, 60, 80 and 100m) of the geothermal extraction rates were generated via the digital 3d model.

Geological 3d model district Celle

The geological 3d model district Celle covers an area of 1546 km² and is subdivided into 22 hydrostratigraphical units. The 3d geological model is needed for the subsequent groundwater modelling for the assessment of the water management of extraction rates for agricultural irrigation purposes.

Modelling of saltwater intrusions in Northeast Africa

Via a long term modelling approach the observed saltwater intrusions in Northeast Africa (Egypt, Libya) are modelled in connection with the climatic changes and water level changes in the last 140,000 years.

Forensic modelling of fate and transport of contaminants of a megasite of chemical industry in a mining area based on numerical groundwater models

A numerical groundwater flow model for the past 150 years does already exist. It includes time-dependent changes in groundwater flow caused by dewatering actions from different open pit mining areas. In connection with recent monitoring results of the contamination it is aspired to develop a multi-species-reactive transport model for the region.

EU Tempus-Meda_2008, Master Programme, Technology Management and Integrated Modelling in Natural Resources

This project aims at increasing the supply of well trained professionals to satisfy the increasingly complex management requirements in the national water engineering and resources management sector.

Isotopic investigations of the groundwater in the Nubian Aquifer System

Via isotopic investigations the genesis of the groundwater in the Nubian Aquifer System shall be clarified in more detail.


MO2GEO is a project for the generation of hydrogeological modelling tools.

Verification of groundwater monitoring strategies based on 3d modelling and interactive 3d visualisation

The study is focused on a three dimensional analysis, visualization and optimization of hydrochemical and hydrogeological parameters which leads to an optimization of the currently applied monitoring strategies and is relevant in the case of an environmental risk assessment.


Umwelt- und Raumverträglichkeitsuntersuchungen von Sanierungsmaßnahmen bei großräumigen Grundwasserkontaminationen SAFIRA `Umwelt- und Raumverträglichkeit` Teilprojekt E1.1 (SAFIRA I)

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Beurteilung der Langzeitwirkungen von verbleibenden Grundwasserbelastungen (SAFIRA II)

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Ermittlung räumlicher Risikobereiche und Auswirkungen auf die Landnutzung Ad-hoc-Muldehochwasser

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Untersuchungen zur Schadstoffaustragsdynamik aus regional kontaminierten Grundwasserleitern in lokale Vorfluter unter Berücksichtigung der klimatisch-hydrologischen Bezugsgrößen

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Hydrologischer Atlas Deutschland:

Erarbeitung von methodischen Grundlagen zur Ermittlung und Darstellung der flächenhaften Grundwasserneubildung auf der Grundlage der Karte zur Gesamtabfluss des Hydrologischen Atlas Deutschland (HAD)

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Altlastenmanagement LSA

Altlastenmanagement im innerstädtischen Bereich, Land Sachsen-Anhalt

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Dissertation Thieken

Schadstoffmuster in der regionalen Grundwasserkontamination der mitteldeutschen Industrie- und Bergbauregion Bitterfeld-Wolfen

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Dissertation Steinmetz

WebGIS-gestützte Kooperationsplattform zur Datenspeicherung und - Analyse im Umfeld einer Grundwasserkontamination mit regionaler Verbreitung

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Dissertation Sefelnasr

Development of a numerical groundwater flow model in the developing region in the Eastern Sahara, Western Desert/Egypt

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Dissertation Laehne

Hydrodynamische Modellierung eines Talraumaquifers unter Berücksichtigung der Stofftransportdynamik

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Dissertation Hubert

Generierung digitaler hochauflösender geologischer 3D-Strukturmodelle und ihre realitätsnahe Parametrisierung in der Grundwassermodellierung

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Dissertation C. Neumann

Wasserhaushalt und Stoffdynamik im Einzugsgebiet des Spittelwassers

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Model Mulde / Fuhne

Numerical groundwater model Lower Mulde/Fuhne

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3D-Model Halle

Entwicklung eines digitalen geologischen 3-D-Modells der Stadt Halle (Saale)

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Model Nubian Aquifer System

Large scale and long term numerical groundwater model of the nubian Aquifer System

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3D-Model Leuna

Entwicklung eines digitalen geologischen 3D-Modells für den Standort Leuna

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